HPC Trace-A-Key™ Key Duplicator Machine



HPC Trace-A-Key™ Key Duplicator Machine

Accurate copy after copy after copy…

​​The Trace-A-Key® is a semi-automatic duplicator designed to be the fastest, most accurate and most dependable duplicator available. This machine is loaded with must-have features. The spring-loaded carriage assures consistent duplication, and the expansive range allows for the cutting of longer automotive keys. Its high-performance motor for trouble free cutting is available in 120VAC, 240VAC or AC/DC (120VAC/12VDC). Plus it has a Softie Brush made with carbide impregnated Tylon-X bristles that swiftly de-burrs keys. The double-sided jaws hold a wide variety of keys and the rugged single-casting construction makes it a very durable machine.


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