Air Louvers create an attractive, cost-effective way to add privacy to existing vision and side lites.

Velo Privacy Screen for Vision Lites

  • Completely block light and vision by simply pulling down
  • Instantly retracts with a push of a button
  • Installation takes minutes
  • Works on existing vision lites
  • Fits all manufacturer’s vision lites
  • Available for both vision and sidelites
Mini-blind Vision Lite

The Ideal Solution for Privacy – Low Profile Vision Lite With Blinds Between the Insulated Glass. 

  • Vision Lite Frame: 20 gauge CRS frame. Beveled frame with Countersunk mounting holes on one side.
  • Glass: 1″ thick insulated tempered glass. Blinds are sealed between the two lites of glass.
  • Blinds:  White painted blinds tilt a full 180 degrees for light control and privacy with finger tip tilt adjustment.