Intellikey System 4000 Electronic Gate Lock

SKU INT-100819-LH


INTELLIKEY Access Control Gate Locks with Electronic Cylinders
The INTELLIKEY Gate Lock brings all of the INTELLIKEY system features – access control by user, time, date, and location – to swing gates. The Gate Lock is fully compatible with INTELLIKEY’s ACS4000, allowing it to be added to an existing INTELLIKEY electronic key system, or to provide a secure alternative to padlocks on your site perimeter.The lock mechanism is constructed of stainless steel, is weatherproof, easy to install and, as a captive chain is used in the locking mechanism, it automatically compensates for the usual sags and misalignment inherent in swing gates.

For palisade and other gates that maintain alignment, a sliding bar solution is also available upon request.


  • Access Control for both sides of swing and slide gates
  • Provides a secure alternative to padlocks on your site perimeter
  • The lock mechanism is constructed of 8-ply laminated stainless steel. Center ply has alumina-ceramic core to defeat any hacksaw attack including rod-type “super” hacksaws
  • No costly gate adjustment required, easy to install as a retrofit
  • Weatherproof
  • Available in both left and right handed versions
  • Meets criteria established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in FAR Parts 107.13 and 107.14


  • Controller
  • 2 electronic cylinders
  • Cold Pack lithium battery

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