HPC Thru Car Clutch Tool No. CO-81



Thru Car Clutch™ Tool No. CO-81

These tools work on the same principle as HPC’s Patented Horizontal Clutch™ (CO-75) and Vertical Clutch™ (CO-76) Tools. When the handles of the tool are separated, the hook at the end of the tool is
pulled inward causing the tool to grip or bind. What sets these two tools apart is that they are designed for “In the Car Opening Methods”.The Thru Car Clutch™ Tool (CO-81) and Super Thru Car Clutch™ Tool (CO-82) are perfect for hooking an inside door handle, manipulating lock buttons and switches or to retrieve keys. Both of these tools have a flexible shaft and a retractable hook with a rubberized tip.

The Thru Car Clutch™ Tool (CO-81) is 5 feet long (150cm).

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