HPC Saw Blade Extractor




Retrieving broken keys and foreign objects from locks is a regular part of your business. HPC produces a wide range of the finest extractors on the market. These individual extractors provide a variety of options to suit most preferences.

 Saw Blade No. EZ-1

Stainless steel blade with brass handle (.022 inch thick)

Spiral Blade No. EZ-5
Stainless steel blade with brass handle (.040 inch thick)
​Hook Style No. EZ-2
Spring steel without foam handle (.022 inch thick)
Hook Style with Foam Handle No. EZ-3
Spring steel with foam handle (.022 inch thick)
No. SSX-10 – Stainless Steel Extractor

No. SSX-11 – Stainless Steel Extractor

No. SSX-20 – Stainless Steel Extractor

No. SSX-21 – Stainless Steel Extractor

EZ-6 – Interchangeable Extractor Set

EZ-7A – (10 saw-type)

EZ-7B – (10 spiral-type, .040″/1mm diameter)

EZ-7C – (10 spiral-type, .050″/1.27mm diameter)

EZ-7D – (10 assorted – 4 of 7A, 4 of 7B, 2 of 7C)

Don’t see the finish, or function or specific configuration you need? We can design, configure and build the customizations you are looking for – Just call (800) 776-3247 and our experienced support staff will help you design the systems and products you need.