Adams Rite 4781 Two-Point Deadlatch with Paddle

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The 4781 Two-Point Deadlatch latches to header and threshold allowing both door leaves to remain active. It is designed for paired out-swinging narrow stile doors, but is also suitable for single doors.


Designed for paired out-swinging narrow stile doors, but also suitable for single doors. Instead of operating a conventional horizontal-throw latchbolt, the 4781Two-Point Deadlatch latches to header and threshold. This allows both door leaves to be “active”. There is no need to pin one door with flushbolts or other devices. The paddle is a modified version of the 4591 Deadlatch Paddle (see TRIM) and the concealed vertical rod mechanism is the same as used in Adams Rite’s 8600 Series Exit Devices (see EXIT DEVICES). Note however, that the 4781 Two-Point Deadlatch is not intended to substitute for an exit device, which must have a door-spanning bar.


Inside: Push paddle to unblock top bolt and withdraw bottom bolt. Continuing to push will open the door in a very natural, ergonomically-friendly motion. Paddle stroke is approximately 1-1/2″ [38.1 mm] at extreme end. Rod adjustment allows paddle (centerline) to be mounted at any height from 30 to 44 inches above the finished floor.
Outside: If key entry operation is required, any standard mortise cylinder with MS® cam can be installed through an 8650 Cylinder Escutcheon. 3080 Entry Trim compatible with Adams Rite exit devices can be specified in the version used for CVR devices.


Paddle Dogging: Turning hex screw in paddle escutcheon holds paddle down, leaving door free-swinging.

Strike: A flanged post installed on the header has generous location adjustment to allow for door misalignment, sag, bumpers, etc. Designed to prevent forced entry by bowing the door.

Top Bolt: Similar to door latches on some automobiles and aircraft, the U-shaped bolt wraps around the strike post to deadlock position, which also deadlocks the bottom bolt through a gear train at the center of the rod assembly.

Threshold Bolt: Stainless hexagonal steel bolt requires only a 1/2″ [12.7 mm] diameter hole in threshold for a strike.

Door Size: Standard unit will fit doors up to 66″ [1676.4mm] above the paddle height. 110″ [2794 mm]door if paddle is at max 44″ [1117.6 mm] height.

Standard Package: Individually boxed with mounting screws and installation instructions.

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