Everest 29™ SL Cylinder

SL cylinders are uniquely designed to accept the same small format A2 keying used in SFIC cylinders. This enables one keyway family, the Everest 29 R, to span three unique cylinder formats making it possible for buildings and campuses with mixed lock hardware to be unified under one key system.

About Everest 29 Cylinders

The Everest 29™ SL cylinder begins as a more physically secure cylinder design that works independently from the normal Everest 29 check pin design making bypass more difficult. In any Schlage compatible Conventional or Full Size Interchangeable Core (FSIC) cylinder application, you can improve security by simply replacing cylinders with SL utilizing the restricted R keyway. For those entrances where higher security is required, apply Primus XP SL cylinders to add an increased layer of physical security. Control all your keyways with one key system and build security that fits your needs.