High-traffic doors call for heavy-duty closers

This heavy-duty closer is designed for the most demanding applications.  And now, external enhancements make installation and maintenance faster and more accurate.  While the internal design remains unchanged, providing the same quality, reliability and durability for which the LCN 4040XP cast iron closer in well known.
Ease of Installation and Adjustment

  • Tight tolerances in manufacturing for accuracy and precision
  • Peel-n-stick template for quick and accurate installation
  • Updated! LCN Green Dial to take the guesswork out of spring power adjustments
  • New! Patent-pending positive stop to improve staking and prevent the screw from being backed out
  • New! Patent-pending regulation valve indicators that add a visual reference for screw adjustment location
  • New! Labeled regulation valves and diagram of door swing to make adjustments faster, easier and consistent

Quality and Durability

  • Cast iron cylinder for rugged performance, longer life and maximum control
  • Single-piece, heat-treated forged steel arms to withstand bending and breaking
  • Heat-treated 1-1/2″ diameter piston for extra hardiness and strength
  • Double heat-treated steel pinion with 11/16” journal diameter for greater wear-resistance
  • Full complement bearings with minimum 0.5” height that wear more evenly and are less susceptible to leakage
  • All-weather Liquid X fluid for consistent performance through every season, regardless of temperature changes
  • Independent speed adjustments for greater door control
  • Non-PRV (pressure relief valve) design to minimize risk of property damage, injury, increased maintenance and liability exposure
  • Updated! Redesigned snap-fit cover with patent-pending retention fit
  • Powder coat finish that lasts longer than spray lacquer
  • 30-year warranty


  • Universal non-handed design that enables it to fit more applications with a single product
  • Full ranges of mount and arm options, including hinge pull side, push side top jamb and push side parallel arm
  • Adjustable spring sizes 1-6