IVES provides premium-quality hinges that are tough, durable and attractive. Available in a full complement of architectural finishes, IVES hinges coordinate seamlessly for a complete, secure, attractive door solution.

Architectural hinges are high-quality hinges offered in a variety of substrates, knuckles, bearings and styles

  • Offered in brass, steel and stainless steel base materials to meet code requirements
  • Wide selection that can meet unique budget, application or style needs
  • With each hinge, additional options are available for safety, security and electrification needs
  • Hinges tested for cycles, weather & environment to ensure high performance
  • Large selection of finishes allows for consistent door hardware style & design


Geared continuous hinges are designed to last the life of a building by distributing the weight of a door along the entire length of its frame. The geared continuous hinge has no pin. Instead, these hinges utilize a single gear section for the leaf and a separate gear section for the frame side of the door. The two are held in place by a full-length cover channel and rotate on a series of bearings. Ives HD models feature a spread bearing design for lighter weight doors. The XY models feature lateral and vertical adjustment after the hinge is secured to door and frame, a center loaded bearing design to help reduce frame issues and has available a hospital tip cap and electric through-wire panel with a continuous cover.