Classroom lockdown is an important part of a comprehensive emergency response plan.

The CO-220 is an affordable solution that allows immediate local lockdown by simply pushing the button on the remote fob from anywhere in the


  • Continuous internal LED illumination during lockdown/panic mode
  • In lockdown/panic mode, only fob, key or administrative/safety official credentials will override lock
  • Always free egress even in lockdown/panic mode
  • Manually or computer programmable with audit trail
  • Up to 2000 users and up to 2000 audits
  • Up to 32 holidays and 16 time zones
  • User rights stored on the lock
  • he ability to add and delete users at the lock
  • Available in cylindrical, mortise and exit trim options
  • Compatible with major brands of key systems

Credential support includes PIN, proximity, and magnetic stripe; multi-factor authentication (card + PIN) is available for additional security.

CO-220 can work in the same offline system as AD-200, CO-200 and CT5000.

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