When strength and aesthetics matter, the Securitron M680E EcoMag is the most advanced,sustainable electromagnetic lock available.

The Securitron M680E Series delivers unsurpassed intelligence, style and convenience with up to 80% reduction in energy consumption, making them the most advanced electromagnetic locks available.

Sustainable Inside & Out

  • Up to 80% decrease in energy consumption over the previous model with average power draw as low as 60mA at 24V
  • Sustainability documentation outlines the environmental impact of this product and are
  • available for use in specification requirements
  • Completely biodegradable foam packaging insert means less waste

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Strength, Flexibility & Quick Installation

  • Increased 1,200 lbs holding force adds an increased level of security to the access point
  • All-in-one optional integrated accessories provide flexibility to customize as needed
  • New strike plate mounting template makes installation faster than ever

Advanced Intelligence

  • Optional door prop sensing allows the magnet to de-energize the coil when the door is held open, dropping power as low as 20mA
  • Autosensing dual voltage with microprocessor technology
  • Optional integrated Door Position Switch and BondSTAT lock sensor