BEST’s 9K series cylindrical lock combines top-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship into a tough, dependable, long-lasting security solution.

The 9K series is designed to be low maintenance, easy to install, durable, and secure.

BEST 9K Series Features:

  • Exceeds Grade 1 security by over 50 times – tested to over 50 million activations.
  • Pre-assembled heavy-duty chassis for quick and easy installation
  • Hardened steel thru-bolt studs to deliver maximum lever torque resistance
  • Cast construction lock hub, designed to protect the lock’s critical components from every day use and abuse
  • Intruder function option to secure classroom doors quickly from the inside during an emergency
  • Low profile rose design offers a simple, sleek aesthetic style
Watch a case study of Best 9K solutions being installed in this Valley View School District

BEST 9K with Intruder Function:

Choose the 9K lock with intruder function for a smart, fast lockdown solution that you can trust in any situation. In an emergency, locking classroom doors quickly from the inside is a critical step in protecting children and staff. The BEST 9K lock is a classroom lock with a visual indicator that shows which way to turn the key to ensure the door is securely locked. This simple, yet significant, marker can make a big difference when every minute counts. Mechanical locks like the 9K are an integral part of a comprehensive security strategy, and are also a cost-effective answer to the ongoing demand to make schools and classrooms more secure.

  • Increased security: Faculty can lock the door quickly and securely from the inside without going outside the classroom.
  • Simple to use: Visual indicator ensures that anyone can lock the door correctly and quickly.
  • Durable: Tested to over 4 million cycles, which exceeds the ANSI standard for Grade 1 cylindrical locks and exceeds Grade 1 abusive locked lever torque.
  • Easy to maintain: Lever return springs provide resistance to lever sag, which ensures that the lever assembly will not need to be reset or replaced once installed. Lever return springs are also protected inside the die-cast hub to minimize any maintenance.
  • Easy to install: Pre-assembled hub design greatly reduces the complexity and time required for installation. Installation can be completed in five steps.
  • Quick rekeying: BEST interchangeable core allows for customized masterkeying and quick keying changes