Using standard Ceco doors & frames equipped with School Guard Glass attack resistant glazing and SARGENT hardware, the assembly has been 3rd-party tested to withstand a brutal physical attack from an intruder for over 4 minutes.

Benefits of Ceco Doors

  • Complete opening solution to delay access to an attacker and suppressing unauthorized entry until first responders are able to arrive
  • In an emergency situation involving an armed attacker, every second matters. Attack Resistant Solutions provide at least 4 minutes of resistance to physical attack and up to 90 minute fire ratings
  • Meets test standards for forced entry and ballistic resistant levels of protection for various threats set forth based on the FBI’s Active Shooter Report.
  • The ideal product to upgrade existing facilities. It is a far superior solution compared to security films, and more cost-effective than bullet resistant glass. Additionally, it’s 98% optically clear with a thickness of just 7/16”
Attack Resistant Solutions provided by Ceco Door are offered as either a complete opening or retrofit solution. The intent is to delay access to an attacker and suppress unauthorized entry until first responders are able to arrive.
Although not intended to be bullet resistant, the entire assembly will remain intact if shot and physically attacked for a minimum of 4 minutes.
Doors and frames are the backbone of any security solution. Since all of the hardware is mounted on, mortised into or connected to either the door or frame, it is extremely important the proper configuration is determined from the beginning.