Schlage HHD KIT Handheld Device with SUS installed and HH-USB Cable

HHD compatible devices: AD-Series and CO-Series Locks PIM400, WRI400, ECK400, GCK400, WPR400, TK400 and CT5000 controller

Features and Benefits:

  • Handheld Device with Schlage Utility Software installed
  • Touch Screen operation
  • Initialize Lock and Accessories with SUS
  • Configure and Test Devices
  • New device template simplifies configuration

Schlage HHD KIT Handheld Device with SUS installed and HH-USB Cable


Schlage Utility Software (SUS) is designed specifically for use on the Handheld Device (HHD) as the link between your access control management software and Schlage electronic offline and networked locks and accessories.

This solution consolidates and simplifies programming and managing your access control system. The SUS and HHD is used to initialize, configure and test product operation, and also provides an easy way to manage people, audits, locks and other network panel interface devices for simple access control. The intuitive screen layout for the SUS provides easy navigation during use.

For offline products the SUS is utilized to transfer access control data, such as authorized user lists, via the HHD to the locks. The SUS is also utilized to download audit trail information from offline devices to the HHD and then transfer that data to the access control management software.