MasterKing® Software CD


Basic Features:

  •     Multi-User/Level Password Security
  •     Modifiable Report Format Allows You to Print Only What You Want
  •     Contains a Database of More Than 220 Lock Types From More Than 50 Manufacturers
  •     Generate 1 to 5-Level Systems in the LIST Format
  •     Displays Change Keys and Masters for each Block, Row, Vertical Group, Horizontal Group, Page and Multiple Pages in the PAGE Format
  •     Specify the number of people and doors, select the QUICK Format, and the program instantly creates the system
  •     Automatic Manufacturer Specification Fill-In with Easy Editing Capacity
  •     Help File and Tutorial
  •     Download Systems to CodeMax®, Tiger SHARK™ and Blue SHARK™ Machines for Error Free Key Cutting
  •     Very Intuitive and Easy to Navigate