Major Manufacturing HIT-303 Installation Kit for Adam Rite Locks. A complete ready to go installation kit for Adams Rite style locks and latches comprised of our new HIT-30 template system. Kit includes router templates for 31/32” and 1-1/8” backset locks, with drill guides for indicators, levers and paddles. Also included are templates to cut out bolt openings and lip strikes. An assortment of mounting brackets, cylinder guards and guard plates are also included. All that is needed to use this kit is a router equipped with a 3/8” OD template guide and basic hand tools.

Kit includes,
– HIT-30 Main Clamp Body
– HIT-30AR11 Face Plate Template 1″ x 6-7/8″
– HIT-30AR12 Cylinder and Indicator 31/32″ or 1-1/8″ Backset
– HIT-30AR13 Cylinder and Paddle or Lever
– HIT-40AR3 AR 4502/4902 Strike
– HIT-40AR5 AR MS1851 Bolt Cut Out
– 2 HIT-45RB4 1/4″ Router Bit for Aluminum Doors
– CGA-5 Cylinder Guard Aluminum Powdercoats 5 Pack
– CGD-5 Cylinder Guard Duranodic Powedercoat 5 Pack
– LMB-033 Mounting Bracket for Radius Fram Door
– LMB-034 Mounting Bracket for Bevel Frame Door
– LMB-06 Steel Rod Guide Square Hole
– LMB-07 Steel Rod Guide Hex Hole
– LMB-08 Mounting Bracket
– LMB-089 Mounting Bracket Tools
– Tool Box