HES 4500C series complete pac electric strike. The 4500C series electric strike is designed for installation in 2″ UL 10C fire-rated frames with 1/2″ drywall penetration. The 4500C features a low profile 1-3/8″ depth, heavy-duty stainless steel construction. Its strength is derived from a unique keeper pin locking design, enabling the 4500C to exceed the ratings of the frame, door and locking hardware. Each Complete Pac conveniently pairs the reliability of an HES electric strike with the flexibility of multiple faceplates in a single simple package. The 4500C includes a 4500 strike body and two interchangeable faceplates to accommodate most cylindrical and mortise latchbolts (without deadbolts). Tamper resistant. Static strength of 3,000 pounds and dynamic strength of 100 ft-lbs. Field selectable fail safe and fail secure. Dual voltage 12 or 24 VAC/VDC. Grade 1, non-handed, internally mounted solenoid and accommodates up to a 3/4″ latchbolt. Plug-in connector. Full keeper shims for horizontal adjustment.