Camden Door Controls CM-5020-R 2-3/8″ Mushroom Push Button in Red Spring Return N/O and N/C DPST Momentary. Supplied with a 1/4” thick brushed aluminum plate in 2 3/4” width. No set screws are required, due to the bayonet interlocking of the modular assembly. Buttons are free spinning, for additional protection against vandalism. The switches are UL/CSA approved, rated at 6 amps @ 30 VDC. The design of the Camden Push Button is modular, so that the contact block switches can be stacked to control up to six distinct functions simultaneously. They can be configured for either spring return (momentary) operation. Optional 1-60 second pneumatic timer. Pneumatic timer features 6 amps @ 30 VDC form Z (N/O and N/C) contacts.